my art is about - in a repeating growth cycle - the relationships between nature and human - the individual alone and in community - the community in adaptation and the ethics of choice over the long haul of eon 
    COMMUNICADO reflects my beliefs about art as communication.  Text is
image, but visual images show us people, places, objects, and events in ways that
no words can.
 My work communicates that which is unwritten and un-writable for me. The
pieces amplify my experience and the way I have lived. I want to give life to the
universal within the vernacular, all of it situated in a large common public space --
to open public conversation of my own understanding of meaning and experience.
 In my art and in my life, I am constantly evolving into and emerging from
experience – a constant “in process” of origins, ancestors, etymology.  
 The end point of this process is mundane, a future imperfect: The personal
vision we hold for ourselves. In my reflective process, I aim for wellness, and
something always happens along the way -- we never arrive.  Such is the beauty of
 Life is often a process of assembling a fractured self.  This imperfection of
life is what haunts the self into art -- and what puts to bed the ghosts of experience.  
 Art releases us from this haunting — both when we make it and when we
consume it—and this process is universal and individual.
 And it is “now”.
 So here is the hard part. What matters? What constitutes evidence? What
constitutes art?
 Words alone are inadequate to document people, places, objects, feelings,
and ideas. The pieces here reflect a portion of my translation of my experience of
all the elements of my life -- into my languages, both acquired and intuitive,
universal and individual.
 I invite you, the observer, the passer-by, and the companion in and to our
common art, to appreciate the result.
John Steines, 04/16/2012