Artist Statement

My work is embedded within a framework of giving voice to Adverse Childhood Experience and chronic, toxic stress as an unrecognized human and environmental universal challenge.

My art reflects my beliefs about art as communication.  Text is image, and visual images show us people, places, objects, and events in ways that no words can. My work communicates that which is unwritten and un-writable for me. The works amplify my experience and the way I have lived. I want to give life to the universal within the vernacular, all of it situated in a large common public space -- to open public conversation of my own understanding of meaning and experience.

In my art and in my life, I am constantly evolving into and emerging from experience – a constant “in process” of origins, ancestors, etymology.   The end point of this process is mundane, a future imperfect: The personal vision we hold for ourselves. In my reflective process, I aim for wellness, and something always happens along the way -- one never fully arrives.  Such is the beauty of living. Life is often a process of assembling a fractured self.  This imperfection of life is what haunts the self into art -- and what puts to bed the ghosts of experience.   Art releases us from this haunting — both when we make it and when we consume it—and this process is universal and individual.

John Steines, 01/29/2016

Mythos 60"x15" 2013    Under The Storytelling Tree 24"x20" 2014    Catatonia Resolve 44"x24" 2015